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Incentivising Communities

We believe amazing enterprises act like communities. Inspiring customers & stakeholders around a shared mission. Community currencies & smart contracts can incentivise value creation, lead to new business models and give communities, entrepreneurs & organisations a new way of collaborating.

Providing liquidity
for communities

We provide tools for launching and managing community currencies within your city, product or service.

Local on a
global scale

Any community or service, large or small, can access decentralised tools, services and financial instruments usually reserved for behemoths.

growth engine

Use your community
currency to bring your customers, partners and affiliates together at a local, or digital level, to inspire collaboration & growth.


Re-imagining mobile money

In 2014, there were 255 mobile money services globally, ten years earlier, there were 4. With the decentralised CLN, blockchain technology, and ever more secure wallets, communities globally will have the ability to create & retain their own wealth.

Check out the first community currencies issued on the CLN network

NameColu Local Network
Circulating supply621,918,370 CLN
Total supply1,540,701,333 CLN

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Stakeholders in The CLN Network

The CLN allows a new type of collaboration between stakeholders. Aligning interests for the ongoing open-source development of the platform.



Community currencies will allow users to become active participants in the success of the organisation, or local economy, they choose to interact with.


Entrepreneurs & Currency Issuers

We provide the tools for any business entity, institution or individual to use the CLN network to issue a community currency.


Developers & Service Providers

Developers, designers and engineers, can join our efforts and have fun playing with our tools in the blockchain space. You'll have the ability to shape the open source network whilst developing & learning more about the Web 3 movement.

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Financial Instruments & Services

Change is coming... adding real value to consumers in the payments, loans and banking space is the future. Integrate your service onto the network to breathe life into local communities and inspire economic growth.

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